Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Ender 3 Direct Drive

I switched my Ender 3 over to a Direct Drive with the following 3d printed parts.
I have a BL Touch on mine and I had to edit the direct drive part to fit.  In order to use the BL Touch I had to turn the sensor around 180 degrees.  I also left the part that needs to get cut off to help support the print where the BL Touch actually bends.

Here is the link to the files I used.
Fan duct - BULLSEYE_DUCT_9.27.stl
BLTouch version - Ender3_BLTouch_DirectDrive_Bullseye-2-1.stl
Original version - Ender3_DirectDrive_Bullseye-2-1.stl

Part sizes for the Direct Drive are as follows:
Orientated like so:

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