Monday, April 20, 2020

Ender 3 Custom Start Code - with BLTouch

I use the BLTouch for my Ender 3 printer.  While it's not ideal to have to wait for it to do it's probing for Auto Level before every single print, neither is waiting for your printers hot end and print bed to heat up.
So, that's why I changed my start g-code to the following:
; Ender 3 Custom Start G-code
M140 S{material_bed_temperature}; Start heating Bed Temperature
M104 S{material_print_temperature}; Start heating Extruder Temperature
G28; Home
G29; Auto Level
M190 S{material_bed_temperature}; Wait for bed pre-heat to finish
M109 S{material_print_temperature}; Wait for extruder pre-heat to finish
Now my printer heats up both the print bed and the hot end at the same time while the printer does the Auto Leveling.  And by the time that the bed leveling is done the printer is already up to temperature.

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